Yamaha Tricity 300 Accessoires van top merken.

J.Costa vario voor de Yamaha Tricity 300.
J. Costa is een Spaanse firma die variators voor scooters en motorscooters maakt. J.Costa bestaat al meer dan 15 jaar en zijn uniek met hun product. Dit omdat ze in plaats van rollen glijstiften gebruiken. This is how they distinguish themselves against the competition. Each Variator is also extensively tested on every type of scooter for which they are available. And provide guaranteed capital gains.

The advantages of this vario are:

– More power over the entire rev range
– Faster acceleration
– Better throttle response
– Can provide an increased top speed
– Reduces vibrations
– More power on the rear wheel

Arrow and Giannelli produce exhausts for already 20 years from the highest quality in their own fabric in Italy. Competable with the Akrapovic exhaust. Het voordeel van Giannelli en Arrow is dat ze een uitneembare dB killer hebben met Europese goedkeuring. Ook levert Arrow veel race systemen voor in de WK SBK en WK SSP. And not without success. A lot of riders won championships with the Arrow exhaust systems.

We also sell Ermax. Think of accessories such as windshields, Bellypan and seat cowls to make your motorcycle a bit more beautiful. And the extra plastic parts are available in the original colors. The windshields are also available in different heights and colours. The screens are produced for perfect airflow.

Galfer brakes The brakes have been tested with racers. The brakers are available in different compounds for the right use. Ook zijn er verschillende soorten schijven leverbaar.

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